Electronic scale industry, how can enough quality

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43 production of 43 kinds of electronic scale products, substandard products into 17, with a pass rate of 60%. This is the 2009 price computing product quality supervision and inspection results published on the website of AQSIQ.

    The sampling based on recommended national standard "electronic scales Taiwan case," mandatory national regulations "non-automatic weighing general test procedures" and express business standards, for a total price computing scale product appearance, functionality, performance weighing, tare weighing, partial load, discrimination, repeatability, temperature, interfere with the performance of nine projects have been tested.

    In fact, the industry of the passing rate of 60% was not surprised. Because in recent years, the price computing scale checks pass rate has been hovering between 50% to 60%. An unnamed industry experts told reporters that the checks showed that electronic scales were checked at room temperature project a pass rate of 100%, failed projects focused on "temperature test" and "interference performance test" two.

    Reporters consult the previous price computing scale national quality supervision and inspection results and some provincial and municipal quality supervision and inspection results, we found that anti-electromagnetic interference radiation, humidity, temperature test has been caused by substandard quality price computing scale major projects. In Shanghai, a price computing scale sampling results in 2006 for example, 26 spot checks of products, the anti-electromagnetic radiation test item 15 kinds of products fail, 88% of substandard products; 12 products temperature test project failed ; 10 kinds of products damp heat test project failed.

    Who, according to unnamed expert analysis, resulting in price computing scale temperature test failed for two reasons: First, the performance of the load cell temperature compensation is not good; the second is price computing scale internal software programmed value correction function imperfect. RF electromagnetic radiation caused by substandard housing is mainly due to the design and selection of price computing scale electronic components can not meet the requirements of electromagnetic radiation.

    "Temperature test" and "interference performance test" does not meet national standards due to substandard quality, will affect the electronic scale accurate measurement? Secretary-General of China Weighing Instrument Association Xiaohua explained: "If these products are temperature measurement and interference performance test failure, under normal circumstances, the state can be achieved at room temperature scales accurately weighed requirements but if poor quality components, is bound to affect the product. stability. "

    Secretary for Quality Supervision price computing scale production base in Zhejiang Yongkang Chen Jiabin this discussion of acceptable quality electronic scales, accurate measurement and relationship between cheating: "For producers, the cheat is' high voltage ', measurement inaccuracies are' red lines ', according to standard production is the' bottom line '. "

    Why businesses do not follow the standard production

    Why price computing scale failed projects always focus on the anti-electromagnetic interference and two temperature and humidity test it?

    Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision special checks on price computing scale briefing to which the quality of a detailed analysis. "Anti-electromagnetic radiation test is failed project has long been plagued by a pricing scale major product quality problems. Some enterprises in product design at the beginning did not consider interference problems, or do not know what anti-jamming measures to be taken. although some companies know what anti-jamming measures to be taken, but in order to reduce costs, increase immunity necessary element not on the product; high and low temperature, damp heat test is an important indicator test sensor performance, but some companies in order to reduce the cost of purchase or manufacture without temperature compensation, shape smaller, thinner and so does not meet the requirements of the sensor. some companies are cheap to buy poor quality components, the key components are not screened and energize aging sensor quality varies greatly is caused by product failure an important reason. "

    Zhejiang Conqueror Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd., chairman of days should pass told reporters: "Sensor is the core component of electronic price scale, but the quality of the sensor worrying we had bought 200 sensors and found that less than 10 qualified products such low use. quality sensors, how to produce acceptable quality price computing scale it? "

    A long-term engaged in the production of price computing scale enterprises responsible person admits: "If strict accordance with national standards organization of production, our production will be substantially reduced, a month is estimated to produce only several hundred projects in particular, anti-electromagnetic interference, not ours. technical level reach, but the standards are too harsh, if standard, each scale requires skill individually debugging, production costs will increase significantly, the price of each product will rise from the current 200 to 300 yuan increased to 3,000 yuan. using electronic scales large bazaars are small business operators on the market, the number of small traders will buy 3,000 of the electronic scale? such electronic scales whether there will be a market? customers for our products presented requirement is durable, accurate, in fact, few people will continue to use electronic scales in a radiation environment. Therefore, we feel that as long as the electronic scale to ensure the measurement of performance under normal environment can be a national standard without some articles China's national conditions. "

    On the one hand is the high cost of production according to national standards, time-consuming and laborious, the other is customer demand for low-cost, so a lot of companies do not price computing scale production according to national standards organization of production, leading to checks pass rate has always been stagnant, and failed projects have focused on anti-electromagnetic interference and temperature and humidity testing and so on.

    Insiders told reporters, because of poor quality of cheap products flooding the market, some of the original strict accordance with national standards of production enterprises qualified products suffered a severe crowding, and even had to give up according to national standards. Experts believe that this situation has seriously affected the healthy development to improve our product quality and price computing market.

    Prototype and production "mismatch"

    For the current price computing scale quality problems exist, Secretary-General of China Weighing Instrument Association Xiaohua believes that the type approval prototype and production "mismatch" is an important cause of the problem. The current measurement laws and regulations according to the management of measuring equipment type approval approach taken by management and measurement equipment manufacturing license system. Some price computing scale manufacturing companies to obtain type approval certificate, prototypes are delivered using high-quality components, Seiko secret agents, but not in mass production according to the approved type of production, free to change the main components, such as sensors, etc. and even the existence of the use of second-hand electronic components and other shoddy work behavior. Some companies even in the market to buy directly from the production of large good quality products as a prototype, just replace nameplate, deception to obtain type approval certificate and measurement equipment manufacturing license. This prototype and sell products "mismatch" phenomenon resulting in poor product quality price computing scale.

    "Some enterprises can not guarantee continued production conditions measurement equipment manufacturing license when passing the examination. After obtaining the license, in the organization of production, untimely submission and update detection equipment, leading detection level is far from meeting the needs." Xiaohua said.

    Xiaohua suggested that the process of applying for type approval in the enterprise, the shape identification technology institutions should keep original records and technical information, including photos of prototypes and major components as well as other forms of information for future follow-up management. At the same time, the authorities need to further rigorous type approval and site assessment licenses, increased supervision certificate after.

    Borrowing security level management experience in the door

    "Electronic scales can learn from the experience security door quality control." Added Chen Bin summed up the experience in the long-term price computing scale regulatory work.

    Previous security door market can be described as mixed, under various name products varied, so that consumers know what to do. The new national standard security door will be divided into A, B, C, D 4, for different levels of anti-theft door product failure time length, sheet thickness and other indicators of the different regulations. Of course, different levels of security door price difference is also great. Consumers can choose different levels of security door according to their different needs. For business management at different levels is a good thing, large enterprises can produce better quality Grade A door, a series of high-end market; small and medium enterprises can produce small stage door, aimed at low-end market. Just over Ding-class products are of acceptable quality products.

    "The electronic scale according to different levels of quality grading, requires companies to the scope of the product self-declaration, for example, is suitable for use in electromagnetic interference environment is suitable for use in high temperature environment, etc. so that consumers have a right to know so as to have the right to choose. different levels of product quality and allows a difference, the price difference should be as long as required to achieve the minimum level should be the quality of qualified products. "Chen Bin, suggested that the increase