Weighing global leader in low-carbon technology chip

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Since ancient times, the most important is the performance of the instrument weighing accuracy, and with advances in analog and digital semiconductor technology, current electronic said the body has been able to meet the ordinary household scale to commercial scale high-precision accuracy requirements. In 2007, the core sea science and technology take the lead in the domestic launch of 24 high-precision ADC chip CS1242 in one fell swoop to fill the gaps in the field of high-end electronic weighing chip to solve the Chinese demand for high-precision instrument manufacturer ADC chip. Using the company's Series metering SoC chip design pocket scale indexing up to 1/30000, fully able to meet the required precision weighing almost all commonly used products.

    In fact, as the instrument to solve the program to improve the accuracy, manufacturers will shift focus to other key features, which meet today's low-carbon environmental protection concept of low power consumption become critical, especially in those battery-powered or solar-powered automatic upper body scales, pocket scales and other popular weighing products currently on the market, especially for. In response to this trend, the core technology in the sea at the end of 2009 launched the first domestic automatic scales human scale lowest power SoC solution CSU11 series chip, chip design based on the series of automatic scanning scale human scale average power consumption can be lower to 3uA less solar human scale weighing less than current 20uA, can in indoor sunlight-powered electronic scale realized by a solar panel.

    As a local Chinese IC design solutions provider, behind core sea science and technology leader in low-carbon weighing solutions have a strong R & D capabilities to support, in its various series of high-precision measurement ADC and SoC chips are used, including signal sample and hold circuit, including the company's patented technology. In addition, the core sea science and technology but also with long-term SoC Laboratory, Peking University Shenzhen-depth cooperation, and the establishment of the "core-Technology - Shenzhen SoC joint research and development lab," through strong cooperation to develop high-frequency multi-channel power management and other related technologies. Leading research and development capabilities to help core sea science and technology innovation in product design and obvious comprehensive advantages: CSU11 series provides a creative "power - Accuracy - speed" options to achieve balanced design flexibility, the user can configure either a lower ADC operating current to achieve low power consumption to meet the linearity of less demanding applications, can also be configured to achieve a larger operating current accuracy and linearity 30,000 indexing; CSU1121 ADC built-in communication with MCU, MCU and ADC are in between completion of the internal chip to avoid the influence of external environment on the ADC, higher reliability than systems based on the application of single-chip ADC and an internal power supply in order to facilitate the integration of the sensor supply; highly integrated weighing solutions for Chinese manufacturers with the maximum cost competitiveness, which based on the human scale solar program CSU1101 chip has the world's lowest cost.