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Price computing scale, electronic truck scale, railway scale, quantitative packing scale, harbor a wide variety of weighing scales ...... closely related to production and life, weighing products quality qualified or not, to maintain the market economic order and fair trade plays a very important role . Recently, the China Institute of Metrology successfully developed China's first large-scale instrument automatically loads the temperature and humidity test equipment, and approved by experts.

According to national regulations, the performance evaluation test instrument, in addition to the normal temperature test, performance test required under temperature and humidity conditions. To complete this test in the past are based on a modular approach, but the process is cumbersome, and the test personnel to enter the chamber temperature and humidity will affect the reliability of test results, the test chamber while the highest 40 ℃, the lowest -10 ℃ moderate level of 85% RH humidity environment, but also makes it difficult for the test to complete loading and unloading weights and other linear and repeatability. All along, the large instrument performance evaluation tests of the lack of ability, to China's foreign trade, international mutual recognition of test and evaluation scales have brought a serious impact. Development of the device, can solve this problem.

Project Leader, China Institute of Metrology Research Director Wang Jian introduced the mass density of the device is mainly composed of independently developed robot loading and unloading systems, temperature and humidity chamber and electric truck components. The robot loading and unloading system, to be completed by a wet or hot temperature in 12 minutes 10 loading process backhaul test, testers do not need to enter the chamber, you can bring the whole scale evaluation test weighing under various temperature and humidity conditions, greatly shorten the test time of large-scale instrument. At the same time, drive and electrical components provided in the external temperature and humidity chamber, temperature and avoid the hot and humid conditions for long-term stability and reliability of the equipment and the impact of the damage.

Compared with similar technology at home and abroad, the device adopts mechatronics design, innovative hardware architecture, design precision shaped weight group, a combination of scientific and rational way, full-featured software. Currently, the system is stable and reliable test equipment, it may be 300 to 3000 kg of large, special, special means to provide specific instrument temperature and humidity test weighing performance test environment, test repeatability, in addition to skin tests and other types of evaluation tests, measurement of relative uncertainty better than 5 × 10-6.

Weighing automatically loaded successfully developed large-scale test equipment, improve the detection capabilities of metrological meet the international Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) and OIML international recommendations regarding the type of instrument rating multilateral recognition framework agreement (MAA) testing the technical requirements, marking China metrological testing capabilities into the international advanced level.